The Beginning of Us

May 24, 2014.       It was the day that I promised to love and cherish my husband for the rest of my days. It was a day that passed by in a blur of giddy happiness and extreme excitement. I’ll never forget that day.

But how did our love story begin?

It’s really a long story. So if you hate long stories, you should probably leave.

It started with Nolan first. (Of course.) He had applied for 2nd term at Calvary Bible School  2012 in Arkansas. He got in last minute, and so he did the thing that all teens at that time did. He looked up on Facebook all the others attending that term.  And he saw one blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl and he couldn’t forget her.

This is the photo he saw.


This was him at the time. Such a handsome feller.


He and the girl both went to CBS. They had a great time, but they had completely different groups of friends so they didn’t hang out hardly AT ALL. The girl was caught up in her own little world, and didn’t even notice him. The term ended and they went home. He to Abbeville, SC and she to McConnelsville, OH.

(Disclaimer. I do not necessarily endorse the following activity.)

The boy was so disappointed that he did not get to know the girl. So he messaged the girl on Facebook (as you can see, Facebook was very instrumental in the beginning of all this. 🙂 )and asked for her number. She was young and naive and thought that texting a boy would be fun and exciting. (I see your disapproving looks. Get over it.) So they texted back and forth occasionally, and slowly learned more about each other. (The girl still was fairly clueless about the fact that he liked her.)

Then there was a reunion. Far away in Kansas. Far away from both of them. But they both went. And at this reunion, the girl started to notice the boy. She noticed that people liked him, he was REALLY good at volleyball (so important when you’re a teen), he smiled a lot, he played the piano beautifully, and plus, he was blonde haired and so handsome. But they still hardly talked and stayed in their separate groups of friends.

A year passed, and they both applied for another term at CBS. This time the girl started REALLY liking this blonde boy from SC (she did not know that he liked her) but she also wanted to spend the term focusing on God and that meant not being distracted with things such as boys. So she prayed about it. And prayed. When she found out that the boy was one of the ones in charge of making the tournament volleyball teams , she prayed desperately that God would keep her off his team. Well. He didn’t. And so all day she had to play beside that boy. ALL DAY.

Every time she ended up around him or talked to him that term, she became all flustered and got all hot (which she tried so hard to hide).

He meanwhile, kept trying to talk to her, get to know her, but she was always in the middle of a group of girls (her way of staying away from him). Poor boy.

Then the term ended, and he left. She stayed for another term. And THAT is when she discovered the truth. She was talking with her friends and somehow the topic of The Boy came up. I don’t recall how it all went, but I remember that the one friend said,” Heidi. (that was the girl’s name. SURPRISE.) He REALLY  likes you. Like as in wants to ask you out likes you.”

O Boy.

Let’s just say that did NOT help the trying so hard not to like him situation. What is a girl supposed to do with that? Now she had to live her life with that knowledge.

She left bible school and they kept texting (like a LOT. Again. Not endorsed.)

To make a long story shorter, the girl was asked by an entirely different boy within the next year. I’m going to be honest and say that probably the biggest reasons why she finally told him “No” was because she still really really liked the first boy and could not forget him. No matter how much she tried and prayed about it.

A couple months later, the first boy finally felt like it was the right time, and called the girl’s father.

The rest is History. A very happy History indeed.


(This is their happy faces before that first date. The poor boy was slightly overwhelmed at the girl’s big family flocking around them and staring as they took this picture.)






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