Liam’s Very First Camping Trip


We pulled a camper all the way to River Valley Campground in Cherokee, NC. Our poor truck did its best on the mountains, and we made it…even though we had to crawl along at 25 mph part of the time. My dear husband calmly handled the situation while his wife was having heart attacks that we would not make it there. Liam did NOT enjoy the trip there, and screamed and howled and made sure that we knew how he felt. Poor baby. We were about to lose our minds. (I finally distracted him with wild singing and a game of peek-a-boo)

We had originally planned to sleep in a tent but when we saw that there were thunderstorms in the forecast every day, we borrowed some friends’ camper. Boy, were we glad we did. It did indeed rain every single day. Not all day, but enough that a tent would have been a mess of puddles. I was also relieved to have a camper for my baby to sleep in, because he usually doesn’t sleep well at night and I knew I’d be rather stressed out trying to keep him quiet in a tent and trying not to wake up the whole campground. But wouldn’t you know. He slept like an angel ALL THREE nights and only got up once each night. (A miracle when you’re Liam). I’m thinking we should take up camping for a living. πŸ™‚ And next time, we’ll try the tent. (There’s just something about sleeping in a TENT. Although I’ll admit that it’s not as fun as it was when I was a little girl, because now III am the one responsible to pack and haul everything along and then clean up. Much different story, I’m discovering.)

We camped with my husband’s family, and it was just so fun. It was the first time we had all been together in nearly a year! Liam was generally the center of attention and held nearly the entire time. (That’s when it’s nice to be breastfeeding, because then you have an excuse to hold your baby every now and then. πŸ™‚


See? Center of attention.


He adores his daddy, and it just puts my heart in a puddle!


He played with his toys, wailed when his silly mom set him in the frigid mountain river water, and ate more big people food then he’s had in his entire life (his new favorite is refried beans).

The rest of us all ate a lot of food too, played card games in the camper while it rained, played Beer Jam (minus the beer.), tubed down the frigid river (not me, because I had the handy dandy excuse that I needed to take care of my baby), biked, took naps, fished (Nolan caught twelve), and read lots of books. My mom-in-law commented that she thinks everyone is getting older, because we just sat around talking most of the time. Totally alright in my book. πŸ™‚ We also went to a tiny local church Sunday morning, and Liam loved the praise and worship. He “sang” very loudly and squealed with excitement. I thought I was going to bust from laughter and pride.


The best griller man around. We ate so much good food…porkchops, vinegar chicken, tinfoils (if you don’t know what tinfoils are, you must learn)…


I do so love families that sit around a campfire reading. Those are my kind of people. Also reading is even better when you have a roaring waterfall right beside you.


It was just so fun introducing Liam to What Camping Is, and I’m so excited for the years to come when he can play in the creek, and run around, and ride bikes, and learn to love camping as much as his family does.

He has no idea of all the fun yet ahead.

And 8 loads of laundry, an unpacked and cleaned camper later, hurrah for camping!





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