Seven Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Only the people closest to me know some or all of these things.



My sister and I are 22 months apart, and were inseparable growing up. ( I still consider her my best friend for that matter.) Our only fights that I can remember were about whose turn it was to go chore.

We slept in the same bed until I was married, and even slept in a twin bed for a while. It was so crammed that we had to sleep opposite ways so we could fit – heads on opposite ends, with the other one’s feet up by our face.


I grew up on a dairy farm, and was the oldest of eight children, so I had to help milk cows, drive the tractor and rake hay (which I acted like I hated, but actually enjoyed, because you could get a fantastic tan while sitting on the tractor for hours.), stack hay bales, and feed calves.

Sometimes while bottle feeding a calf, its momma would come charging at you with her head down ( because you were obviously hurting her baby :), and so you had to quickly vault the metal gate to escape.

I also remember running through manure piles with bare feet when I was really young. Some were still warm when you stepped in them. GAG.



I didn’t learn to swim until I was sixteen, and I am still terrified of deep, dark water. Unfortunately, I married into a family of water-loving fish, who have pushed me out of my comfort zone more times then I’d like. 🙂  I’m determined that my children will learn to love water and swim well like their Daddy.

Below is a photo of my one and only time that I went wakeboarding,  and the only reason I agreed to it was because..

  1. my husband and i were still dating at the time, and I really wanted him to be proud of me and not think I was chicken

     2.  because there is hardly any risk of drowning while doing so, because of the life jacket and board that both make you float like a duck.



I grew up in a church that did not allow listening to or owning musical instruments of any kind. As a result, I grew up singing all acapella songs and learned to be quite skilled at reading music and singing. My high school teacher was an excellent music teacher and taught me so much.

My youth group would often get together and sing choral music, and there was just something so rewarding about mastering a difficult piece.  I now enjoy listening to instrumental music so much,  but I do miss the acapella music I grew up listening to.



My husband and I’s first kiss was on our wedding day. We were going to kiss the night before (because hello, we were getting married the next day, and we’d waited SO LONG.) but I got a horrid migraine (from not eating or drinking enough that day) that made me feel like throwing up and all I wanted to do was lay down, so we waited. I also had to miss our rehearsal dinner because of that stupid migraine.


I only shave my legs about once a month or less…even in the summer. I hate it so much, and my hair is blonde, so it isn’t very visible. Pointless, I say.



My handwriting wasn’t always like it is now. In high school, I really admired a cousin’s beautiful calligraphy style writing. So I practiced and practiced (using hers as a guide) until mine was exactly how I wanted it.  It’s changed a bit over the years, but that’s how my handwriting font came to be.


And that’s that! Now you know seven new things about me.




One thought on “Seven Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

  1. PLEASE post often! Your writing style is so captivating and interesting 👍I’m still practicing my handwriting, and I copy other’s too!
    I also follow your Instagram page even though I dont know you. You have a beautiful family💙


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